12 Islands

Red Island
The Red Island, which fascinates everyone with its sunset, perhaps got its name from its red-turned lands. At the southern tip of this beautiful island is a lighthouse that provides a nostalgic and romantic image.

Flat Island
Consisting of 5 small islands, the Yassıca Archipelago is one of the most visited islands on daily tours. Especially tour boats love to anchor in these islands. The North end of the main island in the Yassıca Archipelago is ideal for those who want to swim. Various water sports are also carried out in this area.

Katrancı Island
One of the most visited places by adventure lovers who come to Fethiye for camping is known as Katrancı Island. There are neither hotels nor businesses on this island. For this reason, Katrancı Island is accepted as one of the ideal spots for everyone who wants to be intertwined with nature.

Gocek Island
Gocek Island is one of the places that everyone who comes to 12 Islands boat tour should see. This wonderful island has many bays and boats can easily approach these bays. Göcek Island is considered as one of the most important factors in Göcek’s being a natural harbor.

Shipyard Island
It is the biggest Shipyard Island within the scope of the 12 Islands boat tour. The historical texture of this island has a great importance. There are many buildings on Tersane Island that date back to the early Roman period and have Mediterranean architectural features.

Pig Island
The island, which takes its name from the pigs in the region, is one of the places you will see closely within the scope of the 12 Islands tour. Domuz Island, where yachts frequently anchor, has an extremely unique beauty.

Knights Island
Knights Island is located in the north of Fethiye Harbour. In the past, entrances to this port were kept under control. Because the location of the island has been very strategic since ancient times. It is known that in the 15th century, Rhodesian knights took control of the island for a long time.

Gobun Cove
The first stop of the 12 Islands boat tour is Gobun Bay. This beautiful bay, located to the west of Fethiye, has a wonderfully clear sea. This bay is approximately 7-10 m deep and, like all other bays, has the calm waters of Fethiye Bay.

Bedri Rahmin Bay
This bay is one of the most popular places of the 12 Islands boat tour. This bay, which has natural beauty and historical texture, is also remarkable. The island was named after the famous Turkish painter Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, who frequently visited the Bay. Eyüboğlu visited this Bay with his friends in 1973 and painted a fish on a rock.

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