Dalyan Tour

Dalyan is a very sweet town in the Ortaca district of Muğla. With its untouched nature, clear sea and historical texture, Dalyan, one of the most beautiful resorts in Turkey, offers a very unique holiday opportunity. Dalyan is located on a canal connecting Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea. In this context, it is located within the borders of the Mediterranean Region of Dalyan. However, many people think that Dalyan is located in the Aegean Region. The population of Dalyan, located between Marmaris and Fethiye, is increasing day by day. Five thousand people live in the region during the summer months and during the winter months. This number can be two or three. The summer season is open between April and November in Dalyan and it is possible to swim in the sea.

About Dalyan
The ancient city of Kaunos, which was established in the Dalyan region in ancient times, was a commercially important port city. The region, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions today, is ancient in history. Archaeological studies in the region where Dalyan is located show that it was one of the first settlements in the region. The rock tombs that can be seen from Dalyan date back to BC. It was built in the 4th century and was later used in the Roman period. The first people living in the region were engaged in fishing as they are today. There is not much information about the history of Dalyan today.

Places to Visit in Dalyan
Dalyan is one of the most frequented spots for tourists with its nature and historical heritage. Therefore, there are many places to visit in the area. It is possible to list the places to visit in Dalyan as follows.
• Iztuzu Beach
• Sülüngur Lake
• Dalyan Mud Bath
• Ekincin Bay
• Ruins and ancient city of Kaunos
• Sultaniye Thermal Springs
• Koycegiz
• Köyecek Village
• Dalaman Stream
• Round River
Dalyan is waiting for you with its uniqueness!

Dalyan Tour Scope
Dalyan tour, if you want to see the beauties of Dalyan closely, you are at the right address. Within the scope of Dalyan tour, you can see the beauties of Dalyan closely and see the above-mentioned attractions in the best way.

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