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Diving tour is among the best entertainment and activities offered by our company Seapoint Travel. Scuba diving is one of the topics that many people have been interested in and researched lately. Scuba diving, which is one of the best water sports, is best done if it is performed professionally.
We can say that with Antalya diving tours, we have realized the dream of many people to do water sports in the best way. At this point, you can have a very pleasant time diving with a tube containing oxygen. Well, what should be known before Antalya scuba diving tours and what should be considered during scuba diving? Let’s examine all the details together.
What are the Points to Consider During Diving Tours?

1. Never Hold Your Breath
As every beginner diver knows, this is the most important rule of diving. Holding your breath underwater can cause serious injury or even death. Injury of the lungs due to excessive pressure is known as pulmonary barotrauma. In the most extreme cases, it can cause air bubbles to escape into the chest cavity and into the bloodstream.

2. Practice Safe Exit
Almost as important as breathing continuously is to always rise slowly and safely. If divers exceed a safe ascent rate, the nitrogen absorbed into the bloodstream at depth does not have time to return to the solution as the pressure drops as it rises to the surface.

3. Check Your Equipment
Your survival under water depends on your equipment. Don’t forget to check your gear before diving. Complete your equipment control from start to finish. Make sure you know how to use your equipment. Most equipment-related accidents occur not because of equipment breakage, but because of diver uncertainty about how it works.

4. Dive Within Your Limits
Above all, remember that diving should be fun. Never put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. If you are not physically or mentally able to dive, call. It’s easy to succumb to environmental pressure.

5. Stay Physically Fit
While obesity, alcohol and tobacco use, and fatigue increase a person’s susceptibility to decompression sickness, 25% of diver deaths are due to pre-existing illnesses that should exclude the person from diving. Always be honest with medical surveys and seek a doctor’s advice on whether you can dive. Be mindful of temporary barriers to physical fitness.

6. Plan Your Dive
Proper diving plan is an important part of ensuring safety underwater. No matter who you’re diving with, make sure you agree on the maximum time and depth before diving in. Be aware of emergency and lost diver procedures. These may differ slightly from place to place and depend on the specifics of the dive. If you are diving without a guide, make sure you know ahead of time how to navigate the site.

Diving Tour Scope
If you want to perform your favorite activity as part of the diving tour, you are at the right address. If you want to do a diving tour in Fethiye, you can get a perfect experience by contacting Seapoint Travel.

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