Horse Tour

How would you like to go on a Horse Tour experience to witness special moments in Fethiye geography? In order to open the door to a quality and enjoyable experience, you should take a look at the special options waiting for you with Sea Point. Let’s take a closer look at the details for options that will meet your expectations about Horse Riding!

Horse Tour Route

If you want to go on an unforgettable ride with horses, you should first take a look at which route you will take. It will be valuable for you to take a look at the route we have shared for you below.

Hisaronu – Kayakoy Horse Tour

To have an unforgettable holiday experience in Fethiye region, the first route definitely starts from Hisarönü. The Horse Tour, which lasts approximately 1 hour and allows you to have a very pleasant experience, reaches Kayaköy, where artifacts from Greek culture are found. After a 30-minute break in Kayaköy, it is possible to photograph old houses and ruins. After the break, you will be able to reverse the route and have an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the Horse Tour, which ends at the starting point of the tour, you will have the chance to open the door to experiences you have never experienced before.

Hisaronu – Oludeniz Horse Ride

Unforgettable moments starting from Hisarönü continue with an exquisite experience towards Ölüdeniz. After passing through the paths surrounded by pine trees, one of the most magnificent areas in the world, Fethiye Ölüdeniz, is interrupted with a break. It is possible to take a 30-minute break after a 1-hour Horse Tour. In this context, after experiencing pleasant moments, the Ölüdeniz Horse Tour experience proceeds towards the starting point. In order to have an unforgettable experience, you should try to join this tour.

What Should You Know About Horse Riding?

You can also take action for an unforgettable tour starting from Fethiye and advancing to different geographies. It is considered an important option for families, especially since it is a tour that children will love very much. You will have the chance to turn your Oludeniz adventure into an exquisite experience thanks to this tour, which is accompanied by professionals and promises perfection in every sense!

• You will have an excellent experience with professional riders during the tour and you will not encounter any problems,

• Thanks to the trained horses, you will be able to benefit from the prevention of all kinds of accidents and risks,

• You will be able to enjoy the experience you will live thanks to the route being perfect in every sense,

• You will be able to prevent quota problems by making a reservation in advance,

• Before joining the tour, you should take care to use clothes and creams that will protect your body against the sun.

You can also take action with Sea Point to have a perfect experience and witness wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Horse Tour Prices

Horse Tour prices are special for almost everyone who wants to experience this unforgettable experience. For this reason, all you need to do is to open the door to a pleasant and quality experience. You can answer all your questions about prices by contacting us.

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