ATV Safari

ATV safari is one of the nature sports that many people prefer. ATV safari on rough areas, mountain roads and muddy areas is known as an extremely entertaining sport that appeals to adrenaline enthusiasts. ATV safari, which is a sport enjoyed by nature lovers, also excites adrenaline enthusiasts.
Fethiye ATV safari will allow you to experience an adventure full of excitement, water and mud for 1.5 hours on the outskirts of Fethiye, a natural wonder. You will also learn about the unique features of ATV, which is one of the most adrenaline-filled tours and activities in Fethiye.

ATV Safari Tour Program
ATV Safari tour program is generally as follows.
• After picking up from your hotel in Fethiye with our fully equipped vehicle, we will go on an approximate journey to reach the starting point of the safari area.
• Meetings and training
• Upon arrival, you will meet our trainer who will give you detailed information about the ATV, equipment, time and route. And if you’ve never had this experience, don’t worry. We’ll also have a little test drive where you use the ATV to put everything you’ve learned in practice into practice.
• As a side note, a driver’s license is not required to drive the ATV. If you are over 17, you can safely ride ATVs. A loved one can also be your passenger to sit back and accompany you. This transport is completely safe for you and your passengers.
On our ATV safari, you will take an unforgettable 1.5-hour journey through valleys, rivers, forests, roads decorated with flowers and the slopes of the Taurus Mountains.
On the way, we will take breaks with beautiful views. We recommend that you take more photos of your surroundings, loved ones and yourself at these resorts. Because these memories are worth keeping alive!

Things to Know Before ATV Safari
There are some details you need to know before the ATV safari tour. These are generally as follows.
• It is recommended to wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from sun damage.
• You can also wear a mask to cover your mouth when driving on dusty roads.
• Even if we have professional photographers to take photos and videos of you, our valued guests, during the Alanya ATV safari, if you want to take your own photos, you can bring your own equipment. Or you can purchase content after the round.
• You can bring your own water with you or buy it from the market.
• Tourists’ collection and departure from the hotel at the specified time.
You are at the right place to enjoy the beauties of Fethiye with the magnificent ATV safari tour. You can double your adrenaline passion with Seapoint Travel, which has been providing its customers with the highest quality and reliable activities and services in this field since its establishment. All you have to do to join the Safari tour in the most beautiful places of Fethiye is to choose Seapoint Travel. Take action now to enjoy these activities safely and energetically. You can get detailed information about the subject and services by contacting us. Come on, take action to get information.

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