Oludeniz Boat Tour

Do you know that it will be very special for you to take a boat tour in Ölüdeniz, which is one of the most special regions of Turkey? You will not forget every moment you will live in this region where blue and green are together. There are special moments waiting for you on this unforgettable boat tour with expert guides! Well, which regions would you discover when you want to go on a boat tour in Ölüdeniz?

Oludeniz Boat Tour Route

If you want to travel to Ölüdeniz, one of the most magnificent regions of Fethiye, there are special places on your route. We list these bays and islands for you and give you information for you to have an amazing experience!

Aquarium Cove

Aquarium Bay, one of the most important bays in the Fethiye region, draws attention for you to have pleasant moments. You can have unforgettable moments with your loved ones in Aquarium Bay, which has managed to attract the attention of almost everyone thanks to its deep blue waters. What makes Aquarium Bay different from other bays is that it brings you not only clear waters, but also special fish species.

st. Nicholas Island – Gemiler Island

Gemiler Island, which was accepted as a settlement in the 5th century AD and is a very special point in the religious sense, has been considered important throughout history due to its location. In this respect, St. Nicholas Island also manages to be a touristic center today. You can explore this island, which is one of the must-see places in Ölüdeniz.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is one of the most valuable beauties in Fethiye region. Butterfly Valley, which contains hundreds of butterfly species, manages to attract the attention of many people with its naturalness as well as its scenery. It is possible to take a Butterfly Valley trip in almost every event that will be held in the Ölüdeniz basin.

Soguksu Bay

It is the ice-cold waters that give its name to this bay, which is located near Fethiye. It is possible to talk about a temperature difference of 10 to 15 degrees when compared to the waters in Fethiye. For this reason, for tourists who want to get rid of the summer heat, spending time in Soğuksu Bay turns into a very pleasant experience. You should join this tour to open the door to a very special experience.

Why Oludeniz Boat Tour?

In order to have an unforgettable experience with Sea Point, all you need to do is to join this tour prepared by professionals. You will have the chance to answer everything you wonder, especially on this tour where you will have pleasant moments. Oludeniz Boat Tour will not only provide you with an unforgettable experience, but will also enable you to reach unforgettable options in favor of quality!

You should contact us immediately for a tour that will meet your expectations with Sea Point!

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