Jeep Safari

Jeep safari tour is one of the excellent activities you can join with Seapoint Travel. With the Jeep Safari tour, which is highly demanded by nature and adrenaline enthusiasts, you can get an excellent experience. When you are on your weekend holiday or when you plan a long vacation, you can get the opportunity to make the most of this activity, which is specially offered for you. Jeep Safari, which is the best solution for people who are bored with usual activities such as swimming and picnic, awaits you with Seapoint Travel privileges.

What is Jeep Safari?
Safari is a word that originates from Arabic and is used in the sense of expedition. In Turkish, the word safari is defined as a special trip. Jeep safari, on the other hand, refers to a journey with special jeeps. Jeep safari is a type of activity where it is not possible to go with normal vehicles and where normal vehicles cannot climb, with 4 x 4 off-road jeeps. You can be sure that you will have a lot of fun during this activity, which you can join to discover a perfect nature untouched by human hands. You can maximize the adrenaline with the jeep safari, which is carried out not by asphalt roads, but by footpaths. If you want to embark on a perfect journey with Jeep safari, you are at the right address. The jeep safari tour where you will have the most perfect experience awaits you at Seapoint Travel.

You can take action immediately to discover the most perfect and untouched nature of Fethiye with jeep safari tours. Moreover, the tours are organized not in the form of single cars, but in convoys and are carried out in an extremely entertaining way.

Jeep Safari Tour
Jeep safari tour plan is generally as follows.
• After picking up from your hotel in Fethiye with our fully equipped vehicle, we will go on an approximate journey to reach the starting point of the safari area.
• Meetings and training
• On arrival, you will meet our trainer who will give you detailed information about Jeep Safari equipment, duration and route. And if you’ve never had this experience, don’t worry. We’ll also have a little test drive where you drive a Jeep Safari to put into practice everything you’ve learned in theory.
The Most Perfect Jeep Safari Tour
If you want to join the jeep safari tour in the most perfect way and have a perfect holiday experience, you are at the right address. Seapoint Travel offers you a perfect experience. All you need to do is to contact us. You can benefit from the advantages and perfect services provided by Seapoint Travel and have a perfect holiday. Come on, get detailed information by contacting us now to join the most perfect and unique jeep safari tour.

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