Rafting is one of the most demanded water sports today. Rafting is a specific activity done on water using a specific inflatable boat. In modern world practice, a raft is a boat with inflatable boards with a unique cross-section design that allows the boat to stay afloat even after part of it has been damaged.
Many people think that rafting is an absolutely extreme activity associated with increased risk to life adrenaline and excitement. They are somewhat right, but at the same time, rafting can be an exciting boat trip to beautiful places that brings new experiences and emotions without the extra excitement and safety.
The history of water rafting dates back to when our ancestors had to travel across rivers to find food or move new lands and built wooden rafts and canoes.
Rafting has become a sport and adventure only at the end of the XX century. You can have a perfect experience with rafting, which is an extremely legendary and exciting activity.

How is rafting done?
Rafting, which is an extremely extreme sport carried out with boats called raft in rivers with high flow rate and flow, is derived from the concept of raft, which means raft. The basis of this sport is the struggle to avoid capsizing against fast-flowing streams. In addition, rafting is also carried out on rivers with hydroelectric dams. With the release of the accumulated energy in the dams, the flow rate and flow rate increase incredibly. This creates suitable conditions for rafting.

How is rafting done?
The question of how to do rafting is among the questions that people who want to get a perfect rafting experience by using our company’s rafting service. It is known as a team game that is carried out on the river bed with a boat under the leadership of a trainer or guide. Rafting is carried out by rowing by taking their places on the sides of the crew boat of at least 4 and maximum of 12 people. The guide guides the team in question and gives directions to the group in order to prevent the boat from colliding with the rocks by being at the front.

Professional Rafting Activity Service
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